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Complete Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Course 200$=>> 0$

5 Hours + 47 Lectures 
  • Learn Adobe Premiere Pro with these easy-to-follow Premiere Pro video editing tutorials.
  • In this course, you will learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • In this course, you will learn how to edit audio.
  • In this course, you will learn how to color correct.
  • In this course, you will learn how to make titles.
  • In this course, you will learn how to post videos online.

Create Your Own Transitions For Premiere Pro 0$

0.5 Hours + 15 Lectures 
Do you want to learn how to create custom/tailor-made video transitions using different programs ? Here you are

Build a Complete eCommerce Application: Android Marshmallow 20$=>> 0$

5.5 Hours + 38 Lectures 
  • Build an amazing Ecommerce application using the latest version of Android Studio + Parse as a Backend
  • Query the products from the database to your application
  • Take a photo and send it to database.
  • Implement an Endless Recycling View Through the Products
  • Implement a search operation to search through the products
  • transfer the information and images from one activity to another
  • Understand the architecture of android applications

After Effects Learn Logo Reveal or Logo Pop-Up Animation 195$=>> 0$

1 Hour + 9 Lectures 
Start Creating Your own Logo Animation or Logo Reveal Animation Professionally

Python for Beginners: From Noob to Expert in 22+ Hours 100$=>> 0$

22 Hours + 161 Lectures 
  • Master Python Programming Fundamentals, learn Data Analysis, Web Scrapping and much more ! Beginner to Advanced !
  • Learn fundamentals of python programming
  • Establish a thorough understanding of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Breakdown complex problems into smaller and easier problems
  • Use python to automate tasks, solve real world problems and complete your own projects.
  • Write Programs that can do text pattern recognition with Regular Expressions
  • Crawl websites and pull information from various online sources
  • Create and manipulate arrays by using the numpy library
  • Use Python for data analysis and web-based visualizations with Pandas module

Introduction To Python For Ethical Hacking 195$=>> 0$

2.5 Hours + 16 Lectures 
Learn How To Use Python for Ethical Hacking and Build an Nmap Network Scanner from Scratch

Python and Ruby programming Complete step-by-step Tutorial 185$=>> 0$

13 Hours + 160 Lectures 
  • Learn complete python and ruby programming languages from scratch. Also learn GUI Programming.
  • Learn the core basic fundamental of python and ruby
  • Write your own Python and ruby code according to the requirement
  • Get strong knowledge on python and ruby basics and advanced topics
  • Understand any python and ruby code and make modification

PHP : Basics of PHP for complete newbies in PHP 20$=>> 0$

1.5 Hours + 20 Lectures 
PHP : Learn PHP from complete basic level. Complete training of core PHP for newbies - Beginner level course

Photoshop in Ease: Create World Amazing Graphic Designs 20$=>> 0$

3 Hours + 26 Lectures 
Learn Photoshop Step by Step and Create Real World Most Creative Photos Manipulations. Be Talented & Amaze Your friends

WordPress essentials Step by Step setup and using Wordpress 75$=>> 0$

2.5 Hours + 24 Lectures 
Crash course to learn how to setup Wordpress and Use WordPress effectively. Get posting create your own website

Web Training Market Using Flippa: Three Key Strategies 20$=>> 0$

1.5 Hours + 14 Lectures 
Learn how to optimize your time on Flippa by building and flipping websites.

Become an Instagram Ninja: 3 Productivity Courses in 1 100$=>> 0$

0.5 Hours + 18 Lectures 
Speed up your Instagram Marketing with 2 amazing shortcuts: Bulk edit, and uploading to Insta straight from your Mac!

Build a Responsive SinglePage Website from Scratch Bootstrap 50$=>> 0$

1.5 Hours + 22 Lectures 
Guide to learning how to create websites, using Bootstrap. Real world web design step by step guide to HTML CSS design

Powerful Chrome DevTools Essential for Web Developers 120$=>> 0$

1.5 Hours + 16 Lectures 
Guide to learning how to use Google's Chrome DevTools. Code updates and saving files directly from Chrome

How to create HTML Forms 30$=>> 0$

0.5 Hours + 7 Lectures 
Learn how to create forms using HTML

Student as a Job™ Business Preparation Program™ 25$=>> 0$

1 Hours + 28 Lectures 
Learn how your role as a student is a job and makes education relevant.

How to Speak with Confidence 70$=>> 0$

1 Hours + 17 Lectures 
Speaking Skills to Convince, Motivate and Lead People - in Meetings, Interviews, Presentations and Online.

ClickBank Vendor Success – Create & Sell Your First Product 195$=>> 0$

1.5 Hours + 24 Lectures 
Join this course to launch your first ClickBank product and attract thousands of affiliates to sell it for you!

How To Sell On Craigslist: Full Guide from Prep to Purchase 20$=>> 0$

4 Hours + 35 Lectures 
  • The simple, safe and effective way for how to sell on Craigslist: Attract real buyers. No experience needed.
  • Make Money Selling on Craigslist
  • Raise Funds For a Passion Project or Next Purchase
  • Create an Attention Grabbing Ad on Craigslist
  • Sell Quickly and Effectively To Interested Buyers on Craigslist
  • Avoid Dealing With Troublesome Buyers + Stay Safe

SOCIAL SKILLS - Develop Amazing Social Skills & Be Liked 200$=>> 0$

8.5 Hours + 78 Lectures 
  • 10x Social Skills | 10x Communication Skills | 10x Social Success | 10x Social Confidence | 10x Charisma | 10x Influence
  • Learn how to approach people
  • Learn exactly what to say
  • Remove the fear of approaching people
  • Making friends & connecting with them
  • Becoming the most interesting person in the room
  • Get over being shy socially
  • Become socially successful
  • Become confident in social interactions
  • Learn how to never run out of things to say

Website Design Build a single Page Website Parallax site 0$

2.5 Hours + 28 Lectures 
Step by step guide to building a modern single page website from scratch

Social Skills: Double Your Charisma & Communication Skills 65$=>> 0$

1.5 Hours + 24 Lectures 
Learn charisma secrets and communication tools to become more charismatic and become socially successful!

Customer Success Manager 101: Foundations to your CSM career 40$=>> 0$

1.5 Hours + 20 Lectures 
The foundations to become a great Customer Success Manager in a tech company. A very well paid profession on the rise

DIY Musician Guide: How to Promote Your Music + Sell To Fans 105$=>> 0$

4 Hours + 39 Lectures 
  • For the DIY musician: Get more exposure, attract more opportunities, get more fans, book more gigs and sell more music.
  • How to promote your music on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • Build a list of fans that WANT to hear about your music and upcoming shows
  • Market your brand and gain more fans at shows
  • Hear from successful musicians on what they're doing to promote their work
  • Book more gigs weeks in advance
  • Learn how to dominate social media to self promote yourself

Excel With Excel Pivot Tables - Intro 90$=>> 0$

2 Hours + 21 Lectures 
Learn the Best Microsoft Excel Pivot Table Features with Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 & Excel 2016

Etsy newbies & Social Media basics your journey starts here 50$=>> 0$

0.5 Hours + 15 Lectures 
Learn how to be successful on etsy this basic course will teach you the basics you need to know to get started

Amazon FBA Canada: Your Complete Canadian Guide To Profits 50$=>> 0$

2.5 Hours + 35 Lectures 
How to sell on Amazon FBA for Canadians: Because it's not the same as FBA selling in the USA. No experience required.

eBay Giftcards : Buy, Sell & Trade Ultimate Gift Card Guide 200$=>> 0$

3 Hours + 52 Lectures 
Learn how to sell gift cards on eBay: where to find them, which ones to sell, and how to list them.

How To Buy A Smartphone : Smartphone Guide For 2016 & Beyond 40$=>> 0$

0.5 Hours + 14 Lectures 
Using Simple Illustrations & Easy Real-life examples Learn How to Buy the Best Smartphone For 'You'

Healthy Slim Fasting Diet System 35$=>> 0$

1 Hour + 15 Lectures 
Complete Guide for a 4 Days Fasting Diet System to get Healthy and Slim with Permanent Results

Build Your Own Custom Wordpress Website and Blog In a Day 100$=>> 0$

2 Hours + 20 Lectures 
How to Create a Custom Wordpress Blog for Less Than $100

Quick And Easy Content Curation For Online Marketers 35$=>> 0$

1.5 Hours + 27 Lectures 
Learn How To Create A Simple, Profitable and Viral Website That People Love To Visit And Will Share With Their Friends

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