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The Complete Video Production Course - Beginner To Advanced 195$=>0$
5 Hours + 52 Lectures
  • In our complete guide students will learn how to create professional videos that that can create themselves at home
  • Understand how the top screen recording software programs work and how they could benefit from them as well as how they could use the Canon 70D camera to produce stunning videos.

Learn Professional Pixel Art & Animation for Games 65$=>0$
4.5 Hours + 48 Lectures
  • Become an exquisite pixel artist and animator.
  • Design and build professional pixel art
  • Animate your art for games
  • Understand shape, color, and value in pixel art

Learn Complete WordPress for Building a Professional Sites 80$=>0$
9 Hours + 50 Lectures
  • Huge Comprehensive Course For Teaching WordPress From A to Z.
  • Build A Professional Web Sites
  • Manage Web sites
  • Control Web Sites
  • Manage Several Themes And Site Templates
  • Adding Several Functionality To The Sites

DevOps: CI/CD using AWS CodePipeline & Elastic Beanstalk 150$=>0$
4.5 Hours + 61 Lectures
  • Learn Automated Continuous Deployment using AWS CodePipleine, Elastic Beanstalk & Lambda (includes example PHP project).
  • Conceptualize and design fully automated continuous integration & deployment pipelines
  • Map any real-world application into a CI/CD pipeline
  • Use AWS Elastic Beanstalk to deploy applications
  • Use AWS CodePipeline to setup CI/CD pipelines
  • Integrate custom builds / actions in AWS CodePipeline
  • Adding AWS Lambda functions in AWS CodePipeline
  • Monitor their AWS CodePipeline

PMP®: Project Management Professional PMBOK® Mock Exams 175$=>0$
8 Hours + 56 Lectures
  • Pass the PMI® PMP® & CAPM® Exam by Practicing on more than 1000+ PMBOK® Exam Questions in Less than 35 hours.
  • Enhance your Knowledge in Project Management
  • Conduct more than 1000 questions and answers with explanations
  • Explore the Tested Plan for PMP® Preparation
  • Master All PMP® Exam Topics
  • Discover all Processes and Knowledge Areas of PMBoK® Guide
  • Succeed in your PMP® Exam

Advanced Shopify Course For Building a Professional Store 150$=>0$
4 Hours + 24 Lectures
  • Without additional Skills in Design or Programming You Will Learn How To Manage & Control your Own Store with Confident
  • How To Understand The Shopify Ecommerce Platform
  • Build A Professional E Commerce Site by using Shopify
  • How To Set Up A Beautiful Shopify Website Quicky & Easily
  • Manage E Commmerce Web Site Commerce of Shopify
  • Manage and Customize Shipping Methods at Shopify
  • Manage and Customize Different Payment Methods at Shopify
  • Adding and Manage and Customize Multiple Products at Shpoify
  • Manage and Customize Categories at Shpoify
  • Manage and Customize Stats & Reports at Shpoify
  • Manage and Customize Themes & Slides at Shpoify

Crack Your Java Interview: Answer by Example 95$=>0$
1.5 Hours +  24 Lectures
Comprehensive Topic Wise Java Interview Q&A with in-depth explantion with example

The Law of Attraction: A Practical Guide 45$=>0$
2 Hours + 19 Lectures
This course presents powerful and rich Law Of Attraction teaching as a simple 'how to guide'

Brainstorming Masterclass: Plan and Outline Any Project 100$=>0$
2.5 Hours + 18 Lectures
Cut through writer’s block, create a daily writing practice, and achieve your writing goals through brainstorming method

Dynamic JavaScript Master Class AJAX JSON Simple APIs 200$=>0$
4.5 Hours + 65 Lectures
  • Learn how to use AJAX to send data to your web server and get response data back to output in your web applciation
  • Create AJAX calls
  • Use JSON data within JavaScript
  • Select between jQuery and JavaScript AJAX methods
  • update MySQL data from JavaScript
  • get content and data from external files
  • Work with Objects and Arrays within JavaScript
  • Parse JSON data into usable objects

Persuasion Power & Influence Vol. 2: Magic Words 175$=>0$
1.5 Hours + 20 Lectures
Effective Communication and Persuasive Speech Made Simple

How to Create S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals 175$=>0$
1.5 Hours + 16 Lectures
Goal Setting Simplified: Stop Procrastinating and Achieve Your Goals Faster

Git Going Fast: One Hour Git Crash Course 20$=>0$
1.5 Hours + 32 Lectures
Learn the key concepts and basic workflow for Git and GitHub with this easy to follow, top rated, bootcamp-style course!

PMI-ACP®: Agile Certified Practitioner 500+ Mock Exams 150$=>0$
2.5 Hours + 13 Lectures
Pass the PMI-ACP® Exam for your First Attempt, by Practicing on High Quality Questions in Less Than 25 Hours. PMP Expert

Building Websites Learn Bootstrap for Rapid Web Development 75$=>0$
2.5 Hours + 35 Lectures
Learn how to add Bootstrap classes to create amazing Bootstrap effects responsive web projects and rapid modern websites

Core HTML How to get online quickly HTML to HTML5 90$=>0$
3.5 Hours + 8 Lectures
  • Learn HTML all the basic fundamental building blocks to create websites. Learn HTML from scratch. HTML5 CSS explained
  • Develop and create HTML web pages
  • Use HTML elements to create web content
  • Add attributes to customize HTML elements
  • Create basic HTML web templates
  • Create HTML5 templates
  • Starting building blocks to become a web developer

YouTube Keywords Bootcamp Learn about YouTube Video SEO 200$=>0$
1 Hours + 28 Lectures
Learn where to get Keywords, become a Keyword Ninja. Keywords are the foundation to build a successful SEO strategy on!

Learn How To Build A Professional Web Site By Using Joomla 70$=>0$
4 Hours + 29 Lectures
  • The Best Course For Learning How To Use Joomla CMS to Build a Professional Web Sits
  • Build A Professional Web Sites By Using Joomla CMS
  • Manage And Customize the Whole Contents of the Web Sites
  • Manage Several Templates and Modules At Joomla CMS Web Site
  • Manage Several Components, Languages and Plugins At Joomla CMS Web Site

Blogging to Freedom: Create Your Independence with Blogging 195$=>0$
4 Hours + 24 Lectures
  • The cubiclepreneur's step by step guide to blogging and building a blog as their foundation for an independent business.
  • Create a blog using Wordpress that helps them build a network, an online platform or a business
  • Decide on a domain name for their blog that fits their niche and their goals
  • Install a Wordpress site and get it live on the internet
  • Set up a professional email address on their domain
  • Customize the look and feel of their website
  • Protect their website from hackers
  • Back up their website on a daily basis
  • Comfortably reach out to other bloggers or businesses in their niche to develop patnerships
  • Build relationships with their audience
  • Understand all the technology needed to create and run a blog

Machine Learning for Data Science 50$=>0$
2.5 Hours + 37 Lectures
Primer for Machine Learning for Data Science. Revealed for everyday people, by the Backyard Data Scientist.

WordPress Plugins and Widgets 40$=>0$
1 Hours + 12 Lectures
Guide to using WordPress How Plugins and Widgets work and which ones are most commonly used.

Meditation for Beginners 200$=>0$
3 Hours + 32 Lectures
How to Meditate Deeply - Meditation Techniques to Relieve Stress, Anxiety & Improve Your Health in 5 Minutes per Day

Leadership Skills Mastery 200$=>0$
3.5 Hours + 33 Lectures
How to Become a Leader and Increase Your Leadership Influence, Loyalty & Income

Learn Google Admob, Analytics, and In App Purchases in Swift 20$=>0$
1 Hours + 12 Lectures
Take your iOS apps to the next level and make some money in the process!

Create, Manage & Customize your OnLine Store by Bigcommerce 70$=>0$
2.5 Hours + 21 Lectures
Without additional Skills in Design or Programming You Will Learn How To Manage & Control your Own Store with Confident

العلوم والمبادئ الأساسية للمهنة الإكتوارية (Actuarial) 100$=>0$
0.5 Hours + 8 Lectures
التطور التاريخي للمهنة الاكتوارية و المبادئ والعلوم التي تستند إليها

The Complete Gmail Course - 25 Gmail Strategies & Hacks 45$=>0$
2.5 Hours + 47 Lectures
Boost your Productivity with 25+ Gmail Techniques like Gmail Filters , Security , IFTTT . Master Email Communication

Divorce Blueprint - What experts know but will not tell you! 200$=>0$
2 Hours + 17 Lectures
Survive and Thrive through divorce.

Learn Ruby on Rails: Stripe Payment Processing 120$=>0$
1.5 Hours + 29 Lectures
Learn How to Make a Web App That Uses Stripe to Accept One-Off or Subscription Payments.

How to build profitable Niche Websites 50$=>0$
3 Hours + 16 Lectures
How to find the right Niche and market your Business.

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and Access Productivity Bundle 195$=>0$
11.5 Hours + 221 Lectures
  • Learn Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access Tips, and Time Saving Tools that WILL Boost Your Productivity :3 Course Bundle:
  • Quickly SELECT TEXT with Keyboard Shortcuts, and Simple Mouse Clicks
  • Learn the NAVIGATION TOOLS and SHORTCUTS to Keep You Working, Not Scrolling
  • FORMAT Fast!
  • Use STYLES to Stay Consistent
  • Learn TIPS & TRICKS for TABLES and LISTS
  • Create FILLABLE USER FORMS for Better Information Gathering
  • CUSTOMIZE the Microsoft Word User Interface to Meet Your Needs
  • Quickly COMPARE Two Documents
  • CREATE Master Documents
  • and Extra Microsoft Word Tips to Boost Your Productivity
  • QUICKLY Navigate Through Your Excel Workbooks
  • SAVE TIME with Keyboard Shortcuts
  • TRACK the Changes Users Make to Your Spreadsheets
  • CREATE a Data Entry Form Fast with Excel's Built-In Form Tool
  • CREATE Functional Tables with a Couple of Keystrokes
  • SORT Data with Your Own Custom Sort Lists
  • QUICKLY Format Your Charts
  • CREATE PivotTables & PivotCharts
  • SET UP Printing the Way You Want
  • PROTECT Your Excel Workbooks
  • CREATE Simple Time-Saving Macros
  • ... and much more!
  • Import and Export Data Using Microsoft Excel
  • Set Field Validations
  • Format Fields
  • Create Cascading Combo Boxes
  • Conditionally Format Forms & Reports
  • Create Parameter Queries
  • Create Action Queries
  • Create Simple Macros
  • Customize the Access Environment
  • Understand Database Maintenance Tools

Microsoft PowerPoint Slides: Beyond The Bullet Points 30$=>0$
1.5 Hours + 18 Lectures
Making Visually Appealing, Memorable, and Engaging PowerPoint Presentations for Industry, Government, and Academia

30 Days of Python | Unlock your Python Potential 195$=>0$
9.5 Hours + 45 Lectures
  • Python is simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for the pros. Use it for IOT, Web Scraping, Big Data, and more.
  • Understand the Basics of Python
  • Build Applications using Python
  • Send Emails with Python
  • Scrape Websites with Python to pull data
  • Scrape dynamic-loaded (javascript-loaded) Websites with Python
  • Read and Parse emails using Python
  • Read / Write CSV (comma separated values) files to work in Excel/Numbers
  • Use the Twitter API to send tweets easily through a few lines of code
  • Use the Yelp API to pull data about all businesses they have on their site

The Complete Beginners Bootcamp To Affiliate Marketing 35$=>0$
1 Hours + 15 Lectures
An Introduction And Crash Course In Affiliate Marketing Using Pay Per Click Advertising

Introduction to Git and GitHub 0$
1 Hours + 11 Lectures
ابدا من الصفر حتى الاحتراف في استخدام Git & GitHub وتعلم كيفية التحكم بنسخ الشيفرات المصدرية, مع الكثير مع الامثلة

Amazon - FBA - Create a Business Selling Books On Amazon 195$=>0$
3.5 Hours + 41 Lectures
Amazon FBA Mastery: A Beginners Guide to Selling Used Books on Amazon and Work From Home

Learn How To Use Daily Motion To Upload Videos 25$=>0$
1 Hours + 14 Lectures
Learn how to start your home business uploading videos with this easy guide.

Passive Business: How I Built a Passive Business Online 195$=>0$
7.5 Hours + 47 Lectures
  • Learn exactly how I created a passive business online! Everything is included.
  • Know what to do first when starting your own online business and attempting to make passive income
  • Understand the positives and negatives of creating passive income
  • Set realistic expectations for generating passive income
  • Determine what's necessary and what's not when it comes to earning passive income
  • Know how to build relationships that will help you make more passive income
  • Know which tools to use to earn my passive income

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